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One man’s experience with a new natural penis enlargement product called Phalogenics

“It’s Okay honey; you don’t need to beat yourself about it” This is a statement that had become cliché in my life. Every other day, my girlfriend used to console me about my penis. Isn’t this what a good girlfriend has to do when his man has a manhood that measures slightly over 4.5 inches? Yes, some of us guys have such small members. Truth is that no man wants to be referred to as that guy with a tiny […]

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What are woman saying about being penis’s? Do they care?

Chances are that you have heard it said enough times – size is not important but it is what you do with the size you have that really matters. Honestly I have heard it said so many times that I almost started to believe that there must actually be some truth in it. That was until I embarked on a little research that completely shattered that well pedaled myth and fable. Let’s start by appreciating a simple truth about women. They […]

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What are my options to get a larger penis? Should I try?

The desire for a larger penis is one shared by millions of men on a daily basis. Whether it was after an unsatisfactory performance in bed, a particularly rough day at work, or just after watching an adult film where the male star was very well endowed, almost every man has looked down at himself and thought “I wish I was bigger”. There is absolutely no shame in that desire! It’s been proven that a man’s penis size has a […]

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One man’s life with a large penis … Is it really all its hyped up to be ?

I am not the most attractive guy neither am I the most intelligent but I have somehow managed to have everything I want in this life. From girls, a good job, a sexy sports car and money. All this because I was blessed with a large penis? Life with a large penis is amazing and here is why … If you are wondering how my penis is related to my job and my money, I will let you in on the […]

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When men where asked about penis size, what they said behind closed doors…

Penis size has always been significantly important to men. Many cultures have linked it to masculinity: courage, virility, fertility, and strength. Some men have gone to extreme lengths in a bid to measure up – Indian mystics, better known as Sadhus, hang weights on their penises with the intention of stretching them. Gordon Muir, one of the authors in a British Journal of Urology titled, “Am I Normal?” states that men who believe they are “not normal” suffer many psychological […]

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