One man’s experience with a new natural penis enlargement product called Phalogenics

Get The Dick You Need

It’s Okay honey; you don’t need to beat yourself about it” This is a statement that had become cliché in my life. Every other day, my girlfriend used to console me about my penis. Isn’t this what a good girlfriend has to do when his man has a manhood that measures slightly over 4.5 inches? Yes, some of us guys have such small members.

Truth is that no man wants to be referred to as that guy with a tiny “weenie” but I had heard it all my life. As I started getting older and being with woman this obsession started where I would sit and think about my penis size for hours. It consumed me. I resorted to using any penis enlargement program / pills / pumps that I could find on the internet . Unfortunately, the so-called wonder methods never seemed to work. Instead they were just depleting my account and wasting my time.

I finally decided to face reality. I was bound to lose my women as my obsession had got to bad I could not even get hard anymore. It is known fact that girls love what is loosely referred to as the “Total Package.” These are guys who are put together in every way! I would kill to be one of them! No method was working. I had tried all kind of pills, exercises, gadgets but nothing was working.

Then one day, I caught my friend, Tom watching some videos on his computer. I thought he was watching some adult flicks. He was convinced that watching some videos on natural penis enlargement was the right way to add a few inches. Well, I stopped once he dropped his pants. I must say we are not just close friends but also belonged to the class of men who were not well endowed.

He introduced me to a series of movies that he had found on a website that had a step by step exercise program that enlargeged my penis. At first I thought what a scam but after seeing Tom’s almost 6 inch dick (it previously measured about 5.3 inches), I was a believer. Phalogenic was the programs name and they laid out a very simple step by stem exercise program.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a quick fix, or something that is going to be easy! It takes a TON of dedication and you need to work out a few times a week BUT if you stick to the program you will see results. Don’t believe me just do a search on google and there are tons of people who have had positive results.


As we speak, I am almost at 6inches, not so bad for a guy who just started watching the videos a few months ago!