What you’ll need to use penis weights

Get The Dick You Need

When using penis weights to increase your size a girth, you are going to need some incidentals to make sure that you are getting the most from your workout. Here is a list of the things you’ll need on hand to get started.

  • Some kind of wrap (Theraband, cloth, HTW, What-A-Grip etc). Eventually, you may want to wash your wrap from time to time.
  • Scotch Tape For Traditional Hanging (to secure your wrap)
  • 3M Micropore tape for VAC hanging (it leaves no residual), or use Vaseline, Lotion, or Baby Powder with Scotch Tape
  • A hanging device: Bib Starter, Autoextender, AutoXleeve, Muzzle, Captain’s Wench, etc.
  • Some weights. I keep 2.5lb, 5lb, and 10lb plates inside my PE toolbox. my PE toolbox is just a cheap plastic black & decker toolbox from Wal-Mart. You’ll also need at least 1x .5lb weight, and 2x 1lb weights
  • A chair to sit in (I use a swivel office chair with armrests and a high back)
  • Baby Powder or Talcum (if you’re using a traditional hanger, this can help with slippage, the same way it helps with manual stretches. I find it helps if it’s extremely warm & I’m sweating, etc).
  • Some kind of moisturizing lotion to prevent skin from cracking. Cocoa Butter Lotion and Vitamin E Lotion are the most popular.

Once you get all of that stuff, give yourself a pubic hair trim. You don’t want your pubic hair to get caught in the hanger. If you have full length pubic hairs, they can easily get pulled by the hanger or the wrap, causing false-positives on pain; something that could interfere with your fatigue monitoring. It’s best to give your pubic hair a close cut instead of shaving. If you shave, there’s a chance you could get an ingrown hair or an infection. An infection could interfere with hanging or even force you to take some time off.

If you really want to go for it, then I suggest you get some PVC pipe. I cut a 4” black PVC Pipe in half, then used black duct taped on each end (so it won’t scratch me). I also cut it to be about 2” – 3” wider than the front of my chair on each side. I then used rope to tie the PVC half-pipe to the front of my chair. This provides the ideal surface for my hanger skids so they don’t get caught on an edge. I also have SO, SD, UTL and BTC angles built right into my chair.

Keep in mind, your penis has to adapt to attachment point stresses, and these are completely different from normal PE. If you’re using a traditional hanger, these stresses should be on the left and right sides of your penis (on the erectile chambers). If you’re using a vacuum hanger, the force is better distributed around your glans and your shaft. However, your skin and glans will take a little beating at first.