How enlargement creams work

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Like most men, you may be wondering just how it is that penis enlargement creams work. Well, it turns out that the active ingredients will immerse into Corpus Cavernosum in the penis, by making them larger and increasing the blood flow which creates the erection. The result is immediate making the penis thicker because the cream simultaneously rejuvenates and increases the capacity of all erectile tissues.

To use creams, simply wrap your penis with a clean warm damp cloth for 3 minutes. Remove the cloth and allow the penis to dry. Apply a quarter size tab into the palm of your hand and perform a massage along the penis shaft in an outward motion for 3 -5 minutes. Lastly, clean it off with warm water and soap. You are required to perform the massage on a daily basis. You will experience a significant result within the first seven days and see firmer, thicker and longer penis size.

There are many penis pills on the market which claim to increase penis size, but these penis pills work internally and will not directly do anything to give you a large penis. The primary function of penis pills is to increase the frequency of erections. The theory is that by increasing erections the penis will stretch over time. The problem is that if you continue to take the same pills every day, they will eventually lose their effectiveness. On the other hand creams target the penis externally to increase penis size and will never lose their effectiveness no matter how long you use these products.

All in all, it always comes down to what works for you. The cream may work for you, but not for someone else, while that person may swear by a pump that did little for you. When you find something that works, just stay with it. The results that you see will be incremental, no matter that you are using, so always keep in mind that small gains are still gains. The goal is to stack them all up and realize one day a month from now that you are a lot bigger than you were today. No matter how much work it takes, you have to keep it up.

Just like at the gym, you don’t expect to walk in with no muscles and walk out and lift up your car. You don’t really know that all of your hard work is paying off until the hot receptionist at work comments on your new muscles right before running to the ladies room with her purse and a fresh pack of batteries in her hand.

You will always have time to sit around and fell sorry for yourself and your small penis. What you won’t always have time for is making it bigger at a point in your life when you can still enjoy using it in new and exciting ways. Take the chance on yourself today and get to work on making your penis bigger.