One man’s life with a large penis … Is it really all its hyped up to be ?

Get The Dick You Need

I am not the most attractive guy neither am I the most intelligent but I have somehow managed to have everything I want in this life. From girls, a good job, a sexy sports car and money. All this because I was blessed with a large penis? Life with a large penis is amazing and here is why …

If you are wondering how my penis is related to my job and my money, I will let you in on the secret, my penis gives me triple the confidence of an average man. Yes, confidence is the key to all the hot ladies that are always calling me begging me to take them out, it is also the key to my success both in my work place and in my social scenes. Everywhere I go, I ooze confidence because I know I can back it up.

It may seem crazy at first but it’s all true. The size of your penis does determine your life because it affects your self-esteem and most of all your confidence. I wasn’t always confident but once I realized how blessed I am to have such a big penis, and that many men would give up almost everything to have what I have, I knew that I had no reason to walk with my shoulders drooped. My confidence shot through the roof and from that day I no longer doubted myself in anything because I knew I was the man. A man might have all the fame and money, but if he doesn’t have a decent sized penis, he isn’t all he can be.

I have never had sex with a woman and left her unsatisfied. In fact, I have created a few stalkers courtesy of my lovely 9inch dick. The ladies never seem to have enough, they are always begging me for more and I oblige them. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a hot, classy, intelligent woman, begging you for more. It is such a turn on and a huge boost to my ego. I am never threatened by any man no matter how good looking or rich he is because I always know that I can deliver much more than he can.

Money may attract a woman, but good sex is what keep them coming for more. Once they spend your money they move on to the next rich guy, but once you give them the best sex of their lives, they will start calling you endlessly, begging you for one more night but one more night is never enough because the will be back for more. Good sex is more than important to a woman. Most men have foolishly bought into the campaign that size doesn’t matter and they couldn’t be more wrong. Size does matter to women, and they absolutely love a god sized penis.

I am basically living every man’s dream. I have seen guys check me out in the size, men’s room and I can see the jealousy in their eyes, just by seeing the size of my penis they become instantly threatened. It’s funny how one thing can throw a whole grown man off balance and I absolutely love the feeling of power that it gives me. I love being in control and in power. Most men will never admit it but once they see a man with a bigger penis than theirs, they are instantly intimidated. It’s natural. Such men won’t even leave me with their girlfriends because they are terrified that if their wives found out what I have they wouldn’t stand a chance.

Wherever I go, I am the man and everyone around me knows it. I am respected by men and adored by women. Which straight man doesn’t want that? Check out this guy who posted about his big penis!

When I am with a new woman, I love to see their first reaction when they see my huge penis. Most women’s first reaction is usually of fear. At first glance, they can’t imagine taking in such a huge penis in their tight vaginas. Most women will beg me to take it slow because they are scared that I may just tear them open but once I get in, they start begging me to go faster, and deeper. I fill them up so good they just start shaking with pleasure. Whoever said that size doesn’t matter clearly didn’t know what he was talking about.

Men who have been privileged to see my penis ( strange I know lol) are always in shock. First question is whether it’s real. You can bet your ass I am always proud to tell them that yes, it’s the real deal. Many of them get pretty intimidated and say things like, girls couldn’t possibly enjoy such a huge dick and I am always willing to give such guys numbers to the girls I have satisfied on numerous occasions.

I know that such remarks are always out of jealousy. Such men wish they were me. Other men just come out and say that they are jealous of my dick and how they wish that they would have a penis as big and as awesome as mine. I totally get them. I know I would be jealous too if I had 5 inch penis when someone else is walking around with a gigantic penis in his pants. Well, life isn’t fair. I never apologize for my huge penis. I am more than proud of what I have.

Life with a large is awesome, let no one tell you any different. See some options you have to change your size if you are lacking in this department.