When men where asked about penis size, what they said behind closed doors…

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Penis size has always been significantly important to men. Many cultures have linked it to masculinity: courage, virility, fertility, and strength. Some men have gone to extreme lengths in a bid to measure up – Indian mystics, better known as Sadhus, hang weights on their penises with the intention of stretching them. Gordon Muir, one of the authors in a British Journal of Urology titled, “Am I Normal?” states that men who believe they are “not normal” suffer many psychological and psychiatric troubles.

The easily available magazines and internet porn sites may have obscured the truth about penis size. It is, therefore, not shocking that men have developed unfounded inadequacies about their manhood and ability to satisfy their women sexually. This post identifies and discusses the most popular penis size questions that men ask.


What is Considered a Big Penis Size? And how can I Measure my Size?

Men always struggle with questions surrounding their shafts being too short or long, too thick or slim. The question of the direction it points and the way it bends is also quite prominent. According to research conducted at Kings London College – the biggest of its kind – the average erect penis size is approximately:

Length: 3.61 inches when limp, and 5.17 inches when erect

Circumference: 3.67 inches when flaccid and 4.59 when fully erect

Basing on the above statistics, anything longer than 5.17” and bigger than 4.59” is considered large. Some studies, however, categorize large and huge penises as follows:

Large – Length: 7” to 9.5” when fully erect, and Circumference: 5.5” to 6.5.”

Huge – Length: 9”+, and Circumference: 6.5”+ when erect

If interested in knowing your penis size, consider measuring yourself when fully erect. You can use a ruler, string, or a tape measure. To measure your length, start from the base and work your way to the tip. However, do not make measurements from the underside, but from the top side of the shaft. To measure your girth or circumference, tie a string around your mid-shaft, and then move the length to a ruler.


What is the Ordinary Penis Size by Race?

Several studies have been conducted on the average penis size, with a racial bias. One of the studies revealed the following:


Length: 6.2” to 8”

Girth: 6.28”


Length: 5.5” to 6.8”

Girth: 4.7”


Length: 5.9” +

Girth: 4.2”


Length: 4” to 5.5”

Girth: 3.9”

On average, the study, revealed that, blacks were the most endowed, followed by Caucasians, Hispanics, and lastly Asians.

Another study, conducted by Richard Lynn, a Professor of Psychology at the Ulster University, and published in the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, revealed that men from the Republic of Congo were the most endowed, with an average of 7.1.” Ecuadorians (7”), Ghanaians (6.8”), and Columbians (6.7”) closely followed. The study revealed that on the African continent, size averaged at 6.3.”

The same study revealed that the Icelanders were more “gifted” than the Europeans with a whopping 6.5.” The Germans and Europeans closely followed with 5.7”: the Brits beat the French with an average of 5.5.”

The North and South Koreans were at the bottom of the table with 3.8.” Indians were slightly bigger – 4”. On average, Northeast Asia averaged at 4.2.”


What is Considered a Small Penis size? And What are the Downsides?

A small penis size averages at less than 5” in length and, 4.75” in circumference. However, a micropenis (a medical condition) can generally be categorised as one below 2.75.” Studies show that only 0.6% of the male population has such a penis size. Underlying factors resulting in the development of this condition include:

Dissimilarities in particular homeobox genes, Mild quantities of Androgen sensitivity, and a variety of specific genetic syndromes. Some micropenis conditions can be addressed with testosterone treatment or application of growth hormone in early childhood. Surgery can also be used to temper the condition in adults.

The downsides to having a small penis size include …

Certain positions can be challenging

One con of having a small penis is the inability to execute some sexual positions during intercourse. People with small shafts cannot have sex while standing up, in the famous doggy style position, and with the woman on top – because the penal shaft can get out of position as the woman bounces up and down. This can be frustrating for both partners since they may feel unsatisfied with their sex lives.

Reduced sexual gratification

A small penis cannot put enough pressure on the walls of a woman’s vagina. Many women enjoy feeling the head of the shaft hit the cervix. If the penal shaft is too small or thin, it may not adequately stimulate the vaginal walls; hence reducing sexual satisfaction. Some women barely feel the effect of a small penis; consequently, making it difficult for a female to orgasm through intercourse alone.

Reduced sexual satisfaction for the man

Men also experience reduced gratification since the vaginal wall cannot hold a thin penis tightly. This reduces friction, thus, making it difficult for the man to climax. In some cases, men with penis problems experience difficulties getting an erection.

Psychosocial problems

Due to a small penis, some individuals may develop psychosocial problems: low self-esteem, low self-confidence, sex phobia, mental stress, and marriage anxiety. Some individuals become introverts; as a result, affecting their social and family lives.

Although surveys show that 85% of women do not consider the “size” as being critical, the above argument reveals different results. Even though factors such as intimacy, trust, oneness, and love are important, size also matters when it comes to sexual gratification.


Is the myth true, do black men have large penises?

Ian Kemer, a sex and relationship expert, says that many myths surrounding penis size are unfounded. For example, the assumption that Black men have bigger penal shafts when compared to Asians is baseless.

However, other studies, as discussed above, disprove Kemer’s argument. Men in the African nation tip were seen to rule the world at approximately 7.1.” Scott A. McGreal, an author in Psychology Today, states that there are real differences between racial groups: in terms of personality, social behaviour, intelligence, and evolutionary origin. It is, therefore, “scientifically justified” racism. Studies reveal that the U.S. is “lagging” behind Germany and Australia.


The Bottom Line

Ever since prehistoric times, penis size has been important to men. It is more like an assertion of dominance in their eyes as opposed to merely being a sexual organ. Sizes differ across the various regions in the world, with Blacks being the “most gifted” and Asians being the least endowed. The above are some of the questions that men ask their doctors behind closed doors.