What are my options to get a larger penis? Should I try?

Get The Dick You Need

The desire for a larger penis is one shared by millions of men on a daily basis. Whether it was after an unsatisfactory performance in bed, a particularly rough day at work, or just after watching an adult film where the male star was very well endowed, almost every man has looked down at himself and thought “I wish I was bigger”. There is absolutely no shame in that desire! It’s been proven that a man’s penis size has a direct effect on his self-confidence, relationship, sexual prowess, and more.

So how does one go about getting a larger penis? Should a man even bother with all of those potential risks out there to attempt at getting a larger penis? The problem men face is not only that there are so many questions that need to be answered, but that there are also so many different solutions – each with their own pros and cons needing to be evaluated.

Is Penis Enlargement Really Worth It?

There are many different types of male enhancement options including:

  • Natural male enhancement
  • Surgical male enhancement
  • Oral pills for male enhancement

Unfortunately it is hard to really say if male enhancement is going to be worth it for you. The problem with a general answer for this question is that each man is different, and the effect of wanting a larger penis will affect each man differently. It’s truly up to each man what risks they are willing to take in order to have a larger penis.

There is no reason, however, that you should feel like less of a man or less of a partner simply because your manhood is “below average” in size. If your penis size is affecting your personal life, your work, your confidence, and your overall mood, then it may be advisable to try some of the methods discussed below. You could come out feeling like a new man – with a renewed outlook on life and happier than ever. Though it is important to understand there are risks.

Knowing the risks involved is crucial. With penis enlargement solutions it is important to know that the general rule of thumb is that the quicker the solution is, the higher the associated risks. The same is true for the opposite of that statement; the longer a solution takes to achieve, the lower the associated risks. Penis enlargement surgery, for example, carries the potential for complete failure to really provide meaningful and lasting enlargement, but also the risk of permanent damage to the penis through scar tissue formation.

Time and Financial Commitment For Various Penis Enlargement Options

A huge thing to consider before beginning any type of penis enlargement solution is how much you are going to invest. Your time is valuable, but splurging out thousands on an expensive surgery or consistent pill regimen may not be an option for you. Natural penis enlargement solutions, such as penis stretches, directional workouts, and extenders have a small financial investment and allow a man to begin enlarging his penis over an extended period of time. On the opposite end of the spectrum, pills and penis enlargement surgery can cost thousands. With pills, at least, they allow the slow and affordable investment of money over time; however surgery allows an individual to get faster results for a higher initial financial investment.


Natural penis enlargement

Natural penis enlargement involves methods that are done externally to the penis. These can be done with a man’s own hand, such as stretching, or with a device, such as an extender. These methods are generally for longer term use and will not give a man immediate enlargement. Fortunately these methods are generally considered safer, proven, and highly effective.

Natural penis enlargement methods include:


Much like athletes and gymnasts do to stretch out their tendons for greater flexibility, the penis can also be stretched. This method involves tension placed on the penis through stretching by pulling the head away from the base. This is not done during a full erection, nor is it done to the point that pain is felt. It is simply done when the penis is warm.

For a successful penis stretch, a man needs to wrap his index and thumb around his penis just below the head. Once there, pull the penis away from the body for around ten to twenty seconds before releasing. Wait a few seconds before repeating. This stretch should be repeated daily around ten times.

Directional Workout

This workout is done by stretching the penis with both hands. Make sure the penis is warm and flaccid before taking one hand and putting it around your penis at the base. With your free hand, grab just below your shaft and then begin pulling your hands outwards in opposite directions. Much like the stretching exercise listed first, you should not do this to the point of pain and hold it for only around ten to twenty seconds. Repeat this daily around five to ten times each day.

Male Kegels

Kegels aren’t just for who want to enjoy all of the benefits of stronger pelvic muscles (such as better and more powerful orgasms), but they’re also for men! Surprisingly this unique little muscle exercise is a free and effective way to maintain a larger penis.

By larger, we mean an erect penis. This is because your pelvic muscles can, when trained, prevent you from finishing and allow you to really hold on to your erection until your partner is completely satisfied. Another great thing about male kegels is that it’s simple and can be done anywhere.

The best way to figure out how to do a kegel is to wait until you are urinating. Once you have a steady flow, attempt to stop it. You’ll feel yourself contract muscles in your abdomen that you likely never knew you had. This is your Pubococcygeus muscle. Once located, perform this “stopping” technique even while you are not urinating and feel your muscle getting strong each time you do it. Repeat this contraction around thirty times each day.


This is a simple exercise that needs to be done with a semi erect penis. When your penis is at about half mast, use your hand and wrap it around the base of your penis. Once there, continue gripping it (not too hard) and pull it upwards towards the tip very slowly. The idea is to keep the blood in your penis and force it to expand the glans inside. This repetition on a daily basis will allow your penis to get thicker and larger – able to hold more blood and significantly please your partner.


This is another stretching exercise that should be repeated about five times a day every day. When your penis is flaccid, take your hand just below the tip and extend it, then pretend it is the second hand on a clock and begin rotating it around in a nice steady circular motion. Once you’ve done this for around half a minute, rotate so that you are taking the penis around the base in a counter clockwise motion for another half minute. Stop, rest, then repeat.

Weighed Method

Weights are not something that you should rush into, especially when your penis is involved. There are weights designed for a penis that will help extend the penis and build muscle in it. Unfortunately people have found that weights can actually damage the penis if the exercises are not done correctly so be very careful. The great thing is that those who have used weights for their penis successfully, have found that the results are noticed far faster than other stretching and jelqing methods.


Penis Pumps ( Hydropumps vs traditional )

Penis pumps are a great solution and there are many different options available with hydro pumps and traditional air based pumps being the top options. Hydro pumps involve using warm water and the power of vacuum suction to pull blood safely into the penis, enlarging the male organ. Many men who have tried both traditional air pumps and hydro pumps prefer the water based ones because it does not involve pulling cold air into the vacuum tube, but instead warm water. This water allows the penis to maintain a more natural increased blood flow and decreases the possibility of damage.

Common Natural Enlargement Devices

  • Bathmate – this is a hydro pump that is favored by many users. It features a comfortable design, is easily used with one hand, and comes in various sizes.
  • Penomet – out of the various air based pumps, the Penomet is a fan favorite. It not only allows a man to successfully enlarge his penis with continued use, but as it doesn’t need to be used in water, it can be used in a variety of other sexual situations.
  • Sinclair – the Sinclair is a type of penis ring that keeps the blood trapped in the penis. This allows the erection to be maintained for far longer as it is difficult for the man to ejaculate due to the increased pressure at the base of the penis.
  • Extenderz – this is a brand of penis extender. It works by carefully and comfortably pulling the head of the penis away from the base and holding it there. For men, this is a great solution because it can be done at home and without having to use ones hands.
  • Sizegenetics – this is another penis extender brand that is clinically proven, features a comfortable design, and allows men to gain inches with continued use and adequate tension applied.


Penis Enlargement Pills

Pills are a favorite amongst men because they’re discreet, do not involve extensive and time consuming procedures, and are cheaper than surgery. These pills are aimed at increasing the size of the penis and are also a great supplement for those who want faster results with their natural enhancement techniques (stretching, traction devices, weights, etc.).

What’s in them?

Many people have confusions on what are actually in penis enlargement pills to allow them to be effective. These pills are actually aimed not only at supplying all of the extensive vitamins and minerals that your body needs to grow new cells and extend your penis, but also for a wholly renewed libido, boosted blood flow, and increased vitality.

Do they really work or are they scams?

There are many different penis enlargement products out there, and it’s unfortunate that not all of them actually work. There are some scams out there and it is important to be an educated consumer who does their homework.

Always make sure that you read credible reviews and buy from a trustworthy seller. Check the ingredients in each pill and make sure that you understand the side effects for each. There are generally no side effects; however vitamins and supplements will each have their own potential risks. If you are taking any current medications it is important to check to make sure that there will no conflicts.


Surgical Penis Enlargement

Penile lengthening is a common surgery performed on the male organ. It’s done when the ligament going through the penis is cut and then additional skin is put on so that the penis can extend in length. Unfortunately a common misconception is that the increase in length will generally be 0.5cm – 1.6cm in length. Many men think that the increase will be an inch or more, however that sadly just isn’t the truth. There is also surgery to increase the girth. This is an implant that goes in and helps increase the overall thickness of the penis.

A key fact to understand about surgical enlargement is that there are risks involving the scar tissue. Scar tissue can form and create stiffening of the penis and disable the penis from erecting fully. Additionally, during the surgery, nerves can be damaged which reduce the feeling in the penis making it difficult to obtain and maintain an erection.

There are many, however, who have successful surgeries. These penile enhancement surgeries cost anywhere between $4,000-$17,000. Many offer financing options for patients. Additionally, for those who are considering penile enhancement surgery, you may go in for a consultation for free at many surgeons where you’ll be further educated on the pros and cons, potential risks, and more.