What are woman saying about being penis’s? Do they care?

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Chances are that you have heard it said enough times – size is not important but it is what you do with the size you have that really matters. Honestly I have heard it said so many times that I almost started to believe that there must actually be some truth in it.

That was until I embarked on a little research that completely shattered that well pedaled myth and fable.

Let’s start by appreciating a simple truth about women. They are different from men, extremely so. You really don’t have to pay much attention to a man to catch exactly what they are trying to say. However with women all the important stuff is “said” between the lines of what they actually say. In other words you need to listen and then digest to figure out what they are actually saying.

If you don’t have the patience for that, then carefully observe how she reacts to things and that will tell you much more than what she will ever say to you.

Let’s use a relevant example here. Rather than ask a woman whether she thinks the size of a man’s penis is important, try showing her some photographs. I’ll bet you that she will wince (in disgust) at a small size or even worse, giggle.

I am a ladies’ man and that means that I talk to a lot of women freely about anything and everything under the sun. For some reason women find me easy to talk to. I suspect that it may have something to do with the fact that I understand what they are saying. Kindly refer to my earlier paragraph of always reading between the lines to know my big secret here.

So my little research started off finding out what kind of porn movies and clips are a turn on for most women. You guessed it the big or enlarged penis won every time hands down. I even tried some ingenious examples of small guys being really creative coming and innovative between the sheets. Didn’t impress a soul. You really have to see the reaction I can still picture to understand how my “research” really went down. Like that unmistakable look of eyes suddenly widening in wonder and excitement.

That was the easy part. Nowhere near trying to figure out exactly what a big male member does for a woman. Or what they imagine it could do.

Fortunately the right drinks and atmosphere always works magic when you want to get some difficult-to-obtain information. And that was when I got phrases like “really tight fit” “filled completely” “rock hard and big enough to scare me turns me nuts.” “I like it hard and fast”.

Most of these phrases are self explanatory and what is more they all represent the kind of feats that a small penis will never achieve in 10 lifetimes.

So the mystery that emerged for me was why women don’t always open up freely when it comes to how important size is for them? Is it that most sense that the truth would crash any man and therefore fear to hurt the feelings of those they like but happen to be small down there? Like their childhood sweetheart and current husband? Or is it that most are resigned to the size that is available and can only dream of what they cannot get? At least not that easily.

Anyway to confirm my findings, I did something really cheeky. I went out to this popular night spot wearing some tight jeans with a really big plastic penis bulging out like it was my own. The result was pretty predictable. I received overwhelming female attention that night. In fact it became a serious problem but that is a story for another day.

I am sure that all these findings and stuff that I am telling you is not news at all. But still I wanted to make sure that there is no debate on the matter.

Just one more shocker of a story I need to tell before I wrap this up. It is the sad story of my friend Jean. We talked candidly all through her marriage difficulties right up to the stormy divorce. She just kept harping on about this marriage counselor who didn’t really listen or understand. Still I never really got to understand what the real problem was myself until pretty late in the game. In fact at one point she really had me confused because she would sob all over the table about how much she loved her husband and family and yet she was totally addicted to Frank (the man she left her husband for). Couldn’t figure out what that was all about.

It got worse when I finally met Frank. He wasn’t a particularly good looking guy. He seemed to understand little about women and even less about Jean the woman who was totally devoted to him and willing to throw away the kind of marriage and family that most women can only dream about. I told myself the lucky guy was probably just good in the sack and nothing else and left it at that.

Until one day when we were discussing something totally different and the size of the penis came up. She suddenly let it slip that Frank was extra ordinarily big down there, bigger than anybody she had ever been with. I quickly filled in the blanks and even replaced the wrong answers I had already so cockily filled in with the correct ones. The completed picture shocked me to my bones. Even though it had been staring at me all the time and in retrospect should have been pretty obvious.

The thing that the marriage counselor never came close to figuring out and the one piece of the puzzle that even Jean could probably never admit to herself without feeling extremely distressed was clear as day.

Put bluntly it had all come down to the size of the penis. It always does. In other words her husband would have saved his marriage simply by finding a penis enlargement solution that worked. It really didn’t matter whether it was a penis enlargement cream or pills, as long as it actually worked the poor guy would have still been married to lovely Jean.

Fortunately this sorry tale (for those not blessed with a big exciting penis) has a happy ending. And here it is. You can revolutionize your situation and change your life so very dramatically by simply finding a penis enlargement solution that works.