Some interesting info about life with a big penis!

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like with a large dick? Women would be lining up at your door to get their plumbing sorted out, men would be buying you drinks just so you can tell them with your ‘war’ stories where women simply orgasm at the sight of your penis; women would want to lay with you and men would want to be you. Life truly must be pretty awesome when you have a big penis.

As this topic is becoming more and more popular, even vice had a huge article on it ( this is the darker side of penis enlargement ), more and more people wonder … Lets explore some of the areas of having a large penis!


Here are some examples of people who have HUGE penises and are living life to the max!

It is difficult to ascertain which ‘regular’ guys have big penises because, let’s face it, we all embellish when it comes to size. To make matters worse, even showering with the guys at the gym doesn’t quite give you the full picture (some men are growers, not showers and the cold weather doesn’t help). So the only reliable example of real men with huge penises we can count on are the guys who either have sex for a living on camera or are showers not growers and wear underwear in public!

Examples of pornstars like Lexx Steel, Wesley Pipes, Mandingo and every other ‘big-John demigod’ on your screen. These are men who have huge trouser pythons and women love them for it. Can you imagine making a woman scream the way these guys do? Can you imagine making someone who has sex for a living feel as tight and as squirmish as a virgin? Can you imagine having threesomes, foursomes and group sex with the world’s sexiest porn-stars and getting paid for it? That is the kind of life these men with huge penises live. It is absolutely marvelous and it is teaming with beautiful women.

A person like Jack Napier who have 14 inch penises is literally one of the most blessed and lucky men on the planet. In fact, Jack is so lucky that his whole blessed self has almost done a 180 degree turn around. His penis is so massive that most regular women cannot handle it. That doesn’t mean that they don’t all want to try it out though.

Mr. Biggz, Sean Michaels and Shane Diesel are just some examples of men who are blessed with huge penises and have found their fame and fortune thanks to that fact.

It is rumored that Dwight Howard might be packing something of an Anaconda down his pants. So not only is he a world famous NBA superstar, but he is also one of the ‘biggest’ men in the planet. Isn’t that just great??! Women were already throwing themselves at him because of his NBA status, now that Mary Carey told TMZ that Dwight might be the biggest she has ever seen, there is simply no keeping women away from this guy.

They say that you can tell from the way a man walks and talks whether or not he is packing a large penis. Men with big penises are like men with big balls, they simply get things done and always have their way. They have very high self esteem (mostly because there is nothing quite like telling someone ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ and meaning it). They have better jobs, bigger cars, more women, more money and even better rapport.


What do woman say about big penises? 

You know that saying that ‘good things come in small packages’, well they weren’t referring to your package. When it comes to dongs, women want them as big as they can get them. Let no one lie to you saying that it ain’t the size of the hammer, it’s the nail you are throwing it at. If you lined up Mandingo today with some regular Joe with a 4 inch penis, the women will choose Mandingo ( almost every time )

Truth be told, women like the confidence that comes with a big penis. They want you to be able to dominate them; be a real man with a big penis. They want to be unable to walk straight for a week. They say that if your woman is not gasping for air during sex then you are not doing it right!

The love for big penises is evident in the kind of sex toys women buy. The most popular dildos are not 2 or 3 or even 5 inches long. They are massive. They are well over 9 inches long and thick too. This shows that women like them big. Why do you think that they always feel you up when making out? They are trying to ascertain whether or not what they are pursuing is a worthy venture. If they can feel you all the way to your knees, then you are in friend. Check out our more in-depth article on what woman think about big penises.


How does it feel to have a big penis?

You only have to look at how a guy walks and the way he relates to ladies to tell whether or not he has a big penis. Guys with big penises are more confident; they are more forward; they go for what they want because they know that they will impress should they get the chance.

In a sense, guys with bigger penises find it easier to get women. Mostly because women talk to other women about these things. A guy with an 8 inch penis in the neighborhood will be the topic of discussion at every turn. This means that more and more women will want to experience the beautiful monstrosity for themselves. Ergo, they throw themselves at the men.

Regardless of whether or not you are well known neighborhood dick-man, when you are packing you get noticed. That bulge in your pants; that slither down your pant legs and when she brushes up against you. These are all tell-tale signs that let women know you have a big penis. You will see more and more of them trying to brush or rub up against you.

The best part about having a huge penis is that you are almost guaranteed to satisfy any woman in bed. Of course you still have to possess some sexual skills, but the job is half-way done for you. As soon as you feel her up completely, you can be sure she will experience one of the most wonderful orgasms in her life. Your sexual prowess will be just an added advantages.

On top of all the physical benefits having a large penis just boosts that confidence. I bet you will walk taller, talk louder and care about what you look like.


Looking at all these facts, you can clearly tell there is no downside to having a large penis. The good news is that now you do not have to curse your luck for being born with an average penis. You can always go for penis enlargement so that you too can be a stud in this world where on big dicked men triumph. More info can be found about these products thought this blog!