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It is a question that is as old as time itself: What is considered a big penis? What is normal? What is small?! Most importantly, do you measure up? Men have been going bald worrying about their penis sizes for ages now. It doesn’t help that new age digital porn has come in and completely distorted our perception of what is considered to be a ‘normal size’ penis but then again, when it comes to dick size, who wants to be considered ‘normal’? We all like to think that we are wielding ‘Thor’s Hammer’ between our legs. We don’t want to be just another unimpressive statistic. So, again we ask, what is considered a big penis and do you measure up?


Average to big penis size …

The very first thing you need to know is that comparing your penis size to that of your shower buddy at the gym may be a flawed method of measurement. For one, you should not be looking at your friend penis in the shower unless you swing that way but more importantly, your vantage point to your own penis compared to that of your friends is completely warped. From where you are probably standing (and we are assuming it is a safe distance with regards to ‘personal space’ rules), more often that not, your friends penis will appear larger than your own.

This is because, looking down at your own penis, it will automatically appear smaller due to that vantage point. Penises viewed from the front or from the side are slight larger looking. So if you have been walking around your entire life feeling as if everyone at the gym is bigger that you, rest easy, knowing that it is probably due to full frontal nudity viewing.

That being said, your friend could also just have a huge penis!

Findings vary from country to country; website to website and study to study as to what the average penis size is but going by the most common denominator, then the average penis size will be 6 inches, erect. Then of course, girth has to come into question, you could be swinging a 6 inch needle and walking around thinking you are of average size.


These are the numbers:

If you are 5″ or less, then you unfortunately fall under the ‘small’ category.

If you have anything between 5 – 7″, then you are average, but above 6 you are getting on the larger side of things.

If you are bigger than 7″ to 9″, then you, lucky son of a gun, are ‘large’.

If you go beyond 9′ onward, then you are a god among men and you probably are not reading this blog!

So there you have it. Where do you fall in? Tell us in the comments so we can get an idea of the average size of this blog!


What is the average penis size in your country?

There is very good evidence that shows Korea to be the country with the smallest average dick size. At 3.7″, Korean men must develop other skills to sexually satisfy their women. The same evidence shows that India isn’t so far ahead of Korea, at 4″. Sweden, Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, and most of Europe all come in at slightly below 6″. Which is what can be considered as an average penis size. America and Canada also fall within that average category.

Ecuador comes in a well over 6″, almost going into that sweet spot 7″ long. Congo and most African Nations fall in at 7″ on average.

According to a study by Condomania.com, North Dakota is the state with the largest average penises. This is based on their statistics as to who bought which condom size where. North Dakota, Rhode Island and South Dakota are all stocking up on extra large condoms, in comparison to the rest of the country.


What is considered a small penis?

Remember that discussion we had earlier about the average penis size being 6″? Well, judging from that, anything below 6″ is considered small. People who have 5″, 4″ or 3″ penises all fall into this category. That is based on world statistics.

There is a different angle that we need to consider. In a country where the average penis size is 7″, a person with a 6″ penis would be considered small. Just like in a country where the average penis size is 3.6″, a person with a 6″ penis would be considered huge. It is all about how you stack up to your local competition. After all, they are the ones who are going to be looking at the same ladies you are when you go out and try to have sex.

So, what is considered a small penis? Anything below 6″ but you must also consider your location.


Disadvantages of a small penis?

Where to begin?? When you have a smaller penis, you start developing some sort of self esteem problem. Can you imagine charming the pants off of that beautiful lass only to whip out your shlong and she laughs at the sight of it? That has to piss off any man! This low feeling of yourself would start to effect other parts of your life.

There are a myriad of disadvantages that come with having a small penis:

– You have to work harder in bed
– You will probably develop low self esteem
– You will not be comfortable showering with the guys at the gym
– Most women are not impressed by small dicks


Who has the biggest penis in this world?

There is a myth going around that says black men have larger than average penises and that asian men have smaller than average penises. The truth of the matter is that, this is no myth; on average, black men have bigger penises than most and asian men are smaller than most.

Again, this is an average. You will have to sturdy the individuals within the ethnicity to determine who is bigger when they go head to head. Of course, there are black men who are smaller than some asian men, just as there are some asian men who are well over 7″.

That being said, there is a reason this phrase was coined: ‘Once you go black, you never go back’.

How about we settle all this? If you are unhappy with your appendage lot in life, why not do something about it? Regardless of whether you are Asian, African or European, if you have a small penis, you can always try some sort of penis enlargement program. More info on these products throughout the blog.